Büyükelçinin Mesajı

It is a great honour to representthe Republic of Türkiye in the UK.

Diplomatic relations between Türkiye and the UK are deeply rooted with a history spanning over 440 years. Our bilateral relations continue to develop in many areas such as economy, trade, tourism, education and the defence industry.

Our trade volume was 18,9 billion Dollars in 2022. We aim to reach new heights and achieve records in trade by further expanding our Free Trade Agreement.

The number of British tourists visiting Türkiye in 2022 also reached a new high with 3,4 million in 2022. Our British friends became the third largest group visiting Türkiye.With its beautiful coasts, historical richness, delectable cuisine and geographical diversity, Türkiye will continue to host millions with its famed hospitality, which we see as an asset for our bilateral ties.

Education is also an important area of cooperation. As an alumnus of Sussex University where I obtained my Masters degree and as a PhD holder, I will devote special attention to relations with academia.

Türkiye is in close contact with the UK on global and regional matters. We are working together in various international institutions, such as NATO and the G20. Close relations in the military, defence and defence industry areas are substantial examples of our bonds based on mutual trust. During my tenure, we will focus on concrete projects which will contribute to our common security and welfare.

Our multi-faceted relations are expanding to new areas. Combatting climate change, supporting green economic transition, encouraging innovation and bolstering technology are all areas where we see our cooperation keep growing.

We will tap into the well of the illustrious Turkish and British diplomatic traditions tofurther deepen our relations in every field.

As we carry out our duties, the doors of our Embassy as well as our Consulates in London, Manchester and Edinburgh will always remain open to all our friends in the UK. You are always welcome for a cup of Turkish coffee.

Osman Koray Ertaş



Monday - Friday

9:00 - 12:30 / 14:00 - 18:00

1/2/2023 New Year's Day
4/7/2023 Good Friday
4/10/2023 Easter Monday
5/1/2023 Early May Bank Holiday
5/8/2023 Coronation Day
5/29/2023 Spring Bank Holiday
8/28/2023 Summer Bank Holiday
12/25/2023 Christmas
12/26/2023 Boxing Day