Londra Büyükelçiliği 09.08.2010
Dear members of the Turkish community in the United Kingdom,

We are celebrating the arrival of another Ramadan Bayram (Eid ul-Fitr) together. I present my respects and affection to all of you and wish that Ramadan Bayram, the symbol of joy, peace and tolerance, brings serenity and happiness to our country; to members of the Turkish community who, though living far away from their homeland, maintain bonds of affection above all towards their country, and to the British people amongst whom we dwell.

Bayrams are special times when disputes are set aside and solidarity, friendship and brotherhood are cemented. Nothing is too difficult nor is any target unattainable as long as our unity and solidarity prevail. We should embrace our differences and cultural diversity as an asset. We should uphold these values and pass them onto the next generations. I hope this Bayram will present an opportunity to the Turkish community to unite in affection, understanding and tolerance.

The contributions to social life in Britain of the hardworking and honest Turkish community both in the cultural and economic spheres are recognized and appreciated by everyone. The Turkish community is also a constituent of the peace and prosperity of this country and I believe this Ramadan Bayram, observed in our traditional values and in its own spirit, will be evidence of this.

Turkey is a strong and important country with its large population, dynamic economy and pivotal role in regional and global affairs. Our country is progressing towards the level of modern civilizations as foreseen by our great leader Atatürk, and your contributions to this end are undeniable. Take pride and have confidence in our country. I believe that this Bayram will also give you the opportunity to foster your ties with Turkey.

I would like to congratulate the members of the Turkish community in the United Kingdom, our Turkish Cypriot brothers and sisters, all the Turkish people and Muslims around the world on the arrival of Ramadan Bayram; and I hope that this Bayram will be the beginning of a bright future where peace and tolerance prevail for our nation and the whole of humanity.


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