President of Turkey, H. E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s message for 29 October Republic Day.

Londra Büyükelçiliği 28.10.2014

"I would like to congratulate the Republic Day of all our citizens living in this friendly country

where you perform your duties; I pray the Almighty that the 91st Anniversary of the

foundation of the Republic of Turkey will conduce to the benefaction of our country, our

nation, and all friendly and brotherly countries.

I convey our peace and solidarity messages to representatives of all friendly and brotherly

countries, on their behalf to all friendly and brotherly peoples who share our enthusiasm on

the 91st Anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey; and to all of our mission

personnel, and extend the wholehearted greetings of our nation.

The Republic of Turkey has a foreign policy understanding, which defends peace, solidarity,

justice and prosperity in the world; respects internal affairs and territorial integrity of each and

every country, and upholds human rights and freedoms above everything else.

These values we have carefully preserved and safeguarded for 91 years will remain to be the

unshakeable fundamental principles of Turkish foreign policy in the future, as is the case

today. Turkey will never hesitate to support justice, righteousness and peace, and will

continue to courageously defend the rights of the oppressed and victimized in every single


With its steadily growing economy, its democracy reaching higher standards, its resolute

European Union strategy, its membership to the G-20, and its active policies in international

platforms, Turkey will never abstain from mobilizing its wide experience for the sake of

regional and global peace and the benefit of humanity.

With these thoughts, I congratulate once again the Republic Day of all of our citizens,

brothers and sisters, and our relatives living there.

On this meaningful day, on behalf of my country and my nation, I would like to convey my

gratitude to friendly and brotherly countries, their people and representatives who share our

excitement and sentiments, and I would like to send my deep feelings of affection and


Recep Tayyip Erdoğan



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